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Confidential Cloud is cloud-agnostic. Tower and Inspector are responsible for various aspects of the Life-Cycle Management (LCM) of infrastructure resources.

Confidential Cloud builds atop Confidential Computing to offer state-of-the-art encryption mechanisms. Today, hardware and firmware support for Confidential Computing is only available in several modern lines of hardware platforms offered by a limited range of forward-looking Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

Supported Hardware

Currently, Confidential Computing is only available on a limited set of microprocessor product lines available in the market. Enterprise vendors offer several Confidential Computing implementations, with varying capabilities and performance limitations, and security trade-offs (Read more).

Confidential Cloud currently supports the following hardware:


- Intel® Trusted Domain Extensions (TDX) - pending hardware availability
- ARM® Confidential Compute Architecture (CCA) - pending hardware availability and firmware support
- Intel® Software Guard Extension (SGX)

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)

Confidential Cloud provisions Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) on several hyperscalers and locations.

  • AWS

    Europe (🇸🇪 Stockholm) : default

  • Azure

    Europe (🇸🇪 Stockholm) : default

  • OVH (Bare-Metal)

    Europe (🇩🇪 Frankfurt) : default

  • Openstack

    Europe (🇸🇪 Stockholm) : default

    Europe (🇮🇹 Italy)

Partnership Programme
Are you a CSP and interested to support Confidential Cloud?
Join our Partnership programme!

On-Prem / Air-gapped

Confidential Cloud can be configured to deploy resouces On-Prem. This allows to support use cases that require operations in a closely controlled domain - or even as an air-gapped setup.

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