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To use Confidential Cloud Studio, you must upload a signed X.509 certificate (see Generate a X.509 Certificate). You must do this as a prerequisite to initiating confidential collaboration and invoking 3rd-party assets (data or algorithm).

Confidential Cloud robust encryption mechanisms ensure that:

  1. the collaboration is fully encrypted end-to-end, including during data processing;
  2. the digital asset (data or algorithm) is never stored elsewhere than its original location;
  3. the confidential execution environment is validated and certified with a verifiable attestation report.;

The entire workflow is logged for auditing purposes. This enables organisations to keep full-control and trace back all activities involving their digital assets.

Transparent security mechanisms help organisations build trust between the confidential collaboration partners, the execution environment, and CanaryBit's supporting services.

Confidential Cloud enables you to collaborate using your digital assets, while ensuring that they are protected using state of the art encryption, authentication and authorisation mechanisms.